Founder and CEO

Ahmet Bozoglu is Founder and CEO of The Gold Club of America and Bozgold Corporation. Prior founding Bozgold , Ahmet served as a Gold Broker at a National United States Mint Listed Dealer, where he specialized in Precious Metal IRA accounts.

Ahmet has presented more than 16,000 of clients convert out of paper assets into physical precious metal through both, IRA and 401K rollovers and Direct Delivery transactions.

Ahmet began his career as a Licensed Series 3 Commodity Broker, 40 Wall Street Manhattan , New York. Now He Startup Bozgold Corporation to educate you as a Gold Broker , so that you can make an educated and informed decision about Your Retirement Options.

His mission is simple and duplicatable. His Mission is "PUT %10 OF EVERY DOLLAR YOU EARNED INTO GOLD SAVINGS."